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The Alto Platform helps anyone use their IRA or 401k savings to invest in non-registered, alternative assets like private equity, real estate, early-stage companies, and cryptocurrency. Alto uses technology to bring IRAs into the 21st century — quick, straightforward and cost-effective. Finally, your IRA has options outside of the public markets.

Digital Niche Agency (DNA), has been testing, optimizing, and scaling data-driven campaigns for growth-oriented companies since 2014. Teaming up with Title3Funds to empower and enrich their issuer-partners allows us to engage our areas of excellence across a new platform through many innovative and exciting campaigns. We’re thrilled to inject our pioneering experience into this emerging adventure-capitalist community.

Green2Gold is a 50 year, global nonprofit scientific, research and educational INCUBATOR for inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. We have assisted more than 100,000 members and have been featured in much of the media of our times, from CNN, Oprah, CNBC, GMA, Today, to Wall Street Journal, INC, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Fortune, NPR, Time, AOL Forum, and much more. We are proud to have Title3Funds work closely with our many start-ups and expanding ventures as a source of capital via the “every person revolution” of SEC Equity CrowdFunding.

LawCloud, formerly iDisclose, founded in 2015, is an industry-leading platform in the crowdfunding legal disclosure space working with Title3Funds’ issuers to streamline Form C and Form ID filings. In addition, LawCloud offers legal document solutions for all small businesses, including regulatory documents, deal documents, HR documents, and other business documents.

North Capital has partnered with Title3Funds to support the investment process through technology and escrow services. We are excited about the partnership with Title3Funds as our collaboration leads to innovation for the benefit of investors utilizing platforms to access alternative investment opportunities. North Capital is a leading provider of transaction technology for the primary issuance of exempt securities and offers technology-based investment solutions to broker-dealers, banks, fund managers, funding platforms, and private issuers who wish to access private investment markets.

PAK Digital, an integrated digital marketing solution provider has partnered with Title3Funds to collaborate with an array of partners all focused on connecting early stage entrepreneurs with investors. PAK Digital’s team is well versed in the latest web technologies to provide the right solution for our client’s digital strategy. With over With the advent of a responsive design technique the web experience seamlessly adapts to provide mobile devices, tablets and desktops a consistent brand experience without sacrificing user design and functionality.

Rocket Dollar is a Self-Directed Retirement Provider for Self-Directed IRA and Solo 401(k)s. Using the checkbook control model, Rocket Dollar has sought to democratize and increase access to investing in alternative assets and early-stage companies through retirement funds. 

To get started, you can open a Rocket Dollar account and get it funded by rollovers from old accounts or new retirement contributions. After that, you are also in control of your investment process, and making a startup investment is as simple as a bank transfer to fulfill your Title3Funds investment.