Tribal Health Mission:

Tribal Health aims to grow, produce & distribute certified, gender-specific, and natural therapeutic grade, New Zealand native mānuka & kānuka tea tree oil, honey, tea and plant oil-infused Natural Health Products.

Tribal Health Corp is bringing native New Zealand tea tree oil-based natural infection protection remedies to the US as used by tribes for more than 1,000 years. Manuka tree, the female, and Kanuka tree, the male, both were traditionally used on a gender-specific basis for infection prevention and protection with modern research demonstrating their efficacy in inhibiting antimicrobial-resistant “superbug” infections. With a $261B addressable market, Tribal Health leads an effective solution for “Him & Her.”

Reasons to Invest:
The Solution We Deliver:
Ongoing research demonstrates that oil extracted from the leaves of the New Zealand mānuka and kānuka tea tree is known to:
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